Hep Oils processes all waste oils to be used for renewable energy.

Waste oil we collect is taken to our depot and further processed. It is then used in the production of renewable energy in the form of bio-fuel.

Yes! We provide a service whereby food waste is put into purpose built containers and is collected and taken to an anaerobic digestion plant. The food waste is further processed; gases are extracted and go on to provide a valuable source of energy in the form of electricity. The solid remains of the waste are used as a fertilizer to aid growth of crops.

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Yes! These come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. We can supply as many as is required. These are taken away and clean (sterilised) containers left at the same time.

Hep Oils can provide you with a variety of cooking oils including, long life vegetable oils, rapeseed oil, groundnut & olive oil we can also supply more specialised oils on request.

The new oil will be delivered at the same time as the waste is collected minimizing any disruption to the kitchen.

The frequency of delivery/collection can be discussed to set a mutually agreeable time and day. This can be adjusted to be more or less frequent, if over time you find it does not suit your requirements. Obviously there will be times where changes need to be made or extra deliveries may be required. This can be arranged my means of a simple telephone call!

Hep Oils will provide you with an invoice at the time of delivery. This is also your delivery note (detailing quantity & type of oil delivered. It also has a section which is your duty of care receipt. This shows the quantity of waste oil collected. It provides the proof that the waste has been collected by registered collectors/processors and provides you with details of the collection for your records.